The reason why daikon radish is boiled in rice water

You may have heard that it is good to boil daikon radish in rice water.

Rice bran juice contains vitamins and enzymes. In addition, the rice-rinsing juice contains a large amount of starch dissolved out of the rice when washed.

When radishes are boiled in water, these components enter the radishes unlike when they are boiled in plain water.

①Enzyme action softens tissues

②Boiled white by the action of enzymes

③Starch penetrates into the tissue, and its stickiness makes it difficult to lose its shape.

④The rice bran component absorbs and removes the bitterness and bitterness of the radish.

As a point of caution, it is necessary to always add water (low temperature) first. This is because the enzymatic action is lost on heating.

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