The reason why the taste of miso soup does not change much even if there is a lot of moisture in the ingredients

When I make miso soup, I think I put various ingredients in it.

For example, even if you add ingredients with a high water content, such as tofu, to miso soup, you won't feel that the taste of the miso soup is diluted.

In miso soup, the miso is not dissolved in the soup, but in reality, large particles are simply dispersed. Therefore, over time, it will sink to the bottom of the pot or bowl. What is dissolved is mainly peptides with small amino acid molecular weights, various organic acids, and sugars.
When these substances coexist in juice, a function called buffering capacity is created.
A liquid with a buffering capacity does not easily change its properties even if alkalinity or acidity is added. In addition, even if the concentration changes a little, the properties of miso do not change easily.