Does the hardness change the taste?

In fact, even dishes with exactly the same seasoning will taste different depending on their firmness.

For example, if you eat cookies baked with the same ingredients but with different flour ingredients (gluten), the cookies with less gluten (softer) will taste sweeter.

This is because cookies that do not contain gluten are easier to crumble and mix with saliva when chewed. In other words, the sweetness (sugar) of cookies dissolves into saliva, making it easier to feel sweet.

On the other hand, hard cookies are coarse particles even if they are crushed by the teeth, so they are difficult to mix with saliva and the sweetness does not dissolve easily, so the sweetness is weak.

*In addition, the taste of liquids is stronger with thicker foods.
This is thought to be due to the fact that the time in the mouth is extended, although the efficiency of the taste is reduced.