nostalgic smell

This time it's a story.

Do you have a nostalgic smell that you smelled when you were a child?
Also, I think that there are times when you can remember the scenery and emotions when you smell the scent.

Although the olfactory cortex is not directly connected to the visual cortex, integration is presumed to occur with the hippocampus of the temporal lobe and the adjacent parahippocampal gyrus. As a result, the partial information of smell (flavor) is triggered, and positive sensory stimuli from childhood experiences held in the sensory representations of each center are fused in the hippocampus, resulting in attention and motivation. Re-accessed as an integrated internal image by the brain mechanisms of attachment and information.
It says something very difficult, but in other words, "Smelling a nostalgic scent brings back memories of the scenery and emotions of that time."

We believe that it is possible to create a restaurant where customers (children) can enjoy delicious food (smells and smells) together with pleasant memories and happy emotions, and make it a restaurant that they want to come back to again.