Timing of salt when grilling steak

In this article, I wrote that the meat should be salted just before grilling, but on the other hand, there is also the opinion that it is better to salt the meat beforehand.
Of course, the story changes depending on the thickness and part of the meat.

Time for 1 cm of salt to penetrate the meat

5 hours・・・Chicken cuis (thigh meat), pork coat (rib with bone), lamb coatlet (back with bone)

10 hours・・・beef coat (ribs), entrecote (ribs)

15 hours: Bavette (upper belly), beef roti (roast), gigo (lamb leg)

As mentioned above, the penetration rate of salt varies depending on the type and part of the meat.
From here on, what is written by the book is disjointed. (This time, I will introduce from the French style delicious meat textbook released in December 2018)

The best time to salt the steak is said to be two days before. This is because the salt penetrates all over the meat and dries out the surface of the meat slightly. It is also said that the meat retains its moisture even when heated, and at the same time, a beautiful grilled skin can be obtained.
You might think that salting the meat two days before would force the water out through osmotic pressure, but the meat then reabsorbs the water, making it tender and juicy long after it's been cooked.

By the way, in the new common sense of French cooking science (published in August 2022),
2 cm thick beef skirt meat: 15 hours ago
● Beef rib roast: 24 hours ago
● Roast beef meat: 40 hours ago
It is said that it is good to sprinkle salt on the
① Shake about 4 to 5 hours before
②Shake it an hour before baking, and wipe off the moisture with kitchen paper before baking.
③ Sprinkle with salt after baking
and so on.
However, when it comes to steak, it seems like a mistake to sprinkle salt just before grilling.
This is because during baking, water is released due to the action of osmotic pressure and the surface becomes wet.