White sugar to make sweets? Granulated sugar?

When making sweets, the recipe says to use granulated sugar, and I think many people wonder, "Isn't white sugar okay?"

 When sugar is added when making sweets, it has various functions other than adding sweetness.
Therefore, depending on what kind of sugar is added, the taste, texture, and color of the finished product will change.
At this time, the taste and properties of sugar change depending on the ratio of sucrose, invert sugar, and ash or minerals.
● Sucrose is the main component that creates the sweetness of sugar. Light and light sweetness.
● Invert sugar is a mixture of glucose and fructose. It feels sweeter than sucrose and has a rich sweetness that lingers. In addition, since invert sugar is a type of reducing sugar, it is prone to amino-carbonyl (Maillard) reactions. In other words, there is a characteristic that confectionery and the like are easily browned. Furthermore, it has particularly strong hygroscopicity (easily adsorbs moisture) and water retention (holds adsorbed water).
● Ash is a mineral. The mineral itself has no taste, but the sweetness of sugar adds a rich flavor.

What we know from the above
[When making sweets with white sugar]
Due to high invert sugar
① Easy to color
②Dough becomes moist
③ There is a sweetness that draws back

[When using granulated sugar]
Because it contains less invert sugar
① light sweetness
② Difficult to color

[When using brown sugar]
high in invert sugar, ash and moisture
① Color is very easy to stick
②It becomes a rich taste
③ Creates a moist finish