Why salt meat before grilling

When meat or fish is salted, the water near the surface dissolves into it, creating a thick salt solution.
In order to dilute this, the water inside is pulled out to the surface, so the meat is firm and keeps its shape, making it easier to bake.

In addition, since globulin proteins are highly soluble in salt water, salt permeates.
Proteins such as albumin and globulin are coagulated by heat, but they coagulate faster in the presence of salt.

Another reason is that the salt sets at a lower temperature than it would normally set.
Meat contains about 60% water, and proteins are dispersed in and bound to water. Sprinkling with salt removes some of the moisture from the surface of the meat due to the action of osmotic pressure.

If you add salt too early, it will dissolve in the water and lose its umami.

Boil the meat and sprinkle with salt