The reason why the steamer uses a wooden bamboo steamer

In a metal steamer, the bottom of the steamer is heated by gas or the like in addition to the heat of the steam, and there is a possibility that the heat travels through the metal and reaches the middle plate directly. Aside from cooking that only needs to be warmed to the end, in the case of cooking that requires a delicate finish that you do not want to overheat, the internal temperature difference may not be negligible.

This is a problem, especially if you put a lot of ingredients in a small steamer. A wooden bamboo steamer does not have such concerns, and each part can be heated exactly the same.

Characteristics of wooden steamers
Gently heats at a temperature that is not too high
Since the steam escapes moderately, it is difficult for water droplets to fall on the food.
The hot water runs out quickly because the steam escapes.
●Because the insulation effect is excellent, there is no problem even if food touches the frame.

Features of metal steamer
Suitable for steaming at high temperature for a long time because water vapor does not easily escape.
●Because the lid is cooled by the outside air, it becomes water droplets and falls on the food. (Put a dry towel, etc.)