The reason why chawanmushi and egg tofu are steamed with the lid off

In the case of steamed food, it is easy to keep heating at 100°C, but it is difficult to keep it at other temperatures or to raise or lower the temperature.
This is because if the fire is weakened, steam will not be generated, and if it is strengthened, the temperature will reach 100°C.

Chawanmushi and egg tofu are not steamed by directly exposing the ingredients to steam. In particular, chawanmushi is a kind of soup in a container, and steam is only used as a gentle heat source.
When heated at 100°C, the eggs begin to solidify before the air bubbles in the egg liquid have a place to escape, resulting in a "su" inside. There is no proper way to prevent this, so adjust the steamer lid to keep the internal temperature below 90°C.

*If you don't remove the foam on the surface of the egg dough, it will leave marks when steamed. Extinguishes easily when exposed to the flame of a gas burner
*At first, heat the entire egg over high heat to prevent the egg and dashi stock from separating.