Somen noodle soup is salty

Fresh somen noodles and udon noodles contain about 1.5% salt, and dried noodles about 3% salt.
(*Salt concentration generally preferred in cooking is 0.8-1.0%)

In addition, traditional somen noodles that are hand-kneaded with a large amount of salt and oil, such as hand-stretched somen noodles, contain 5 to 6% salt on a dry matter basis.

When the dried food is boiled, most of it escapes into the broth, and it decreases to about 0.3% of the boiled noodles, but it is about 0.7% of the hand-stretched somen, which is more than that of ordinary noodles.

If you add this to soup, the taste will be too strong, so it is better to be careful about the amount or to blanch once.