Put raw onions in the burger! ?

Onions (chopped), which are generally added when making hamburgers, are usually fried before being added. But a new cooking textbook shows how to cook without it.

The reason for this is said to be ``because adding raw onions gives a refreshing finish''.
This is because the allyl sulfide contained in the onion enters the hamburger as it is without heating.
Benefits of roasting onions
① The hamburger steak has richness and sweetness. (*The main component of onions is sugars. Therefore, when heated, the pungent component, allyl chloride, volatilizes and decomposes, bringing out the sweetness of the sugars and making them feel sweet.)
② Because the moisture is removed, it is easy to mix with meat and moisture is released while grilling, making it difficult for the meat to crack.

Benefits of not frying onions
① Gives a refreshing finish
From here on it's subjective.

According to the Cooking Laboratory, if you add raw onions, it should be 15% to 20% of the weight of the meat. (*As a sensory evaluation by 7 people, the data is quite weak)
On the other hand, new cookbooks put raw onions at 30% or more of the weight of the meat.

This is the difference between "the amount of bread crumbs" and "whether the bread crumbs are soaked in milk".
In other words, when adding raw onions, "the amount of raw onions will get into the hamburger, so either increase the amount of bread crumbs or reduce the amount of milk."