The reason why croquettes are sticky when cold

Home-made croquettes get sticky after a while, but there are croquettes bought at a butcher shop that don't get sticky after a while.
This is because the frying oil is different.

Fats and oils that are liquid at room temperature are called "oils", those that are solid are called "fat", oils taken from plants are called "vegetable oils", and oils obtained from animals are called "animal oils".


【vegetable oil】
Seed oil: soybean oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil, etc.
 Fruit oil: palm oil, olive oil
Kernel oil porridge ... coconut oil, palm kernel oil
 Germ oil, rice gruel, rice oil, corn oil
【Animal fat】
 Animal fat... Beef fat, pork fat, mutton fat
 Sea animal oils and fats: whale oil, sardine oil, herring oil, etc.
 Milk Oil Chichia Oil/Milk Fat (Butter)

This time, I will explain rapeseed oil, beef tallow, and lard.

● Rapeseed oil is the most consumed cooking oil in Japan. It also has high stability and a low melting point (below 0°C).

●Beef tallow has a high melting point (40-50℃) and is used for food and frying.

●Pork oil (lard) has a different melting point depending on the part. Fat accumulated in internal organs has a high melting point (34-40°C), while lard from subcutaneous adipose tissue such as the back and belly has a low melting point (27-30°C). .
from the above
(1) When using beef tallow or lard, which are solid at room temperature, fried foods are crispy even when cold.

(2) When beef is hot, the fat melts and tastes good, but when it cools, it melts in the mouth and tastes bad.

(3) Pork has a melting point of around 35°C, so the fat melts in your mouth, so it goes well with cold dishes such as cold shabu-shabu.

In other words, the oil used to fry the croquettes, which is delicious even when cold, is solid at room temperature and becomes lard that melts in your mouth when you eat it.

However, the melting point varies depending on the type of pig or cow.
In addition, since the flavor and taste differ depending on the oil, it is necessary to match it with the food.