Suppressive effect on taste (offset effect)

Contrary to the contrast effect, when two tastants are mixed, the taste of one or both of them can be weakened.

(1) As the word ``good anbai'' means, the salty taste is softened by the acidity of plums (e.g. pickles, salted mackerel), umami, and glutamic acid (e.g. soups, simmered dishes, and salt). . (Salt) Also, the saltiness (1-2%) is reduced by sucrose (7-10 times the amount of salt).

(2) Sourness can be weakened by adding salt (eg sushi vinegar) or sucrose (eg lemonade).

(3) Bitterness is easily perceived as pleasant bitterness by sweetness (eg coffee, beer) or sourness (eg cocktail), but is weakened by saltiness or a small amount of umami.

(4) Sweetness is reduced by weak acid, caffeine, and gymnemic acid (taste-modifying substance).