The difference between aroma and flavor

When people hear the word aroma, many people think of aromatic oils and scents.
On the other hand, when it comes to flavor, many people may say that this is the smell of food.

Aroma means scent or fragrance. Smell you feel when you breathe outside air through your nose

Flavor is a comprehensive sense of smell, taste, and texture that reaches the nasal cavity from the oral cavity (inside the mouth) along with exhaled breath (exhaled breath) during a meal. Odors and flavors that are especially united with taste

Japan tends to focus on taste, while Westerners tend to focus on flavor.
I think everyone has experienced that when they catch a cold, they can't taste anything. This is because you can't feel the flavor by stuffing your nose. In other words, it is because the smell of the food put in the mouth does not escape from the nose and cannot be felt.

To give you a little joke, dogs are said to have better noses than humans.
Dogs are said to have a better sense of smell than humans because of the shape of their noses, the number of times they sniff (the number of times they sniff), and the size of the surface area of ​​their nasal cavities.

However, the flavor (the scent that passes through the mouth and nose) is different.

A little-known fact is that humans are more capable of sensing flavors than dogs.
I won't go into the details, but it is believed that humans acquired fire 400,000 years ago, possibly much earlier, and that the smells and tastes of food became more diverse and evolved accordingly.

In this way, humans have a particularly strong sense of flavor, so when cooking, we must be conscious of flavor as well as taste.