Potato sprouts are poisonous

"There is poison in the sprouts of potatoes."

Even people who don't cook have probably heard of it at least once.

Potatoes turn green when exposed to UV light. The green part (0.03-0.05%) and shoots (0.5%) contain solanine, a glycoside with toxic solanidine as its aglycone. In addition, it is said that the toxicity is somewhat reduced by heating.

Potato sprouts are often seen on new spring potatoes. The green skin also contains solanine, so the buds and green skin must be removed.

Solanine poisoning can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, fever, and in the worst case, death. In addition, the poisoning amount is 2 to 3 kg of potatoes for adults. In children, there are cases where it is as small as 200 to 300 g.
I think there are many people who have forgotten to use the potatoes they bought at the supermarket and have sprouted. At that time, be sure to remove the sprouts and green skin. Also, unripe potatoes are high in solanine, so it's best to avoid small, unripe potatoes from your home garden.