Difference between maple syrup and honey

【Maple syrup】
It is made by collecting maple sap and condensing it by boiling. The final maple syrup composition is approximately 62% sucrose, 34% moisture, 3% glucose and fructose, 0.5% organic acids such as apple cider vinegar, and a pH of 6.8.

72% invert sugar, 21% moisture, 2% sucrose, 1.3% dextrin, pH 3.7.

【cake syrup】
Product name. Tree sap, starch syrup, etc. are mixed.
As for which is sweeter, maple syrup or honey, honey is sweeter because it contains more invert sugar.

From here on it's subjective.

① I like the taste

② Add honey to sweets to make them moist and brown (because it contains a lot of invert sugar)

③ Maple syrup if you don't want curry or other starchy sauces to be crunchy (because it doesn't contain enzymes)

④ Maple syrup for children under 1 year old (because there is no Clostridium botulinum)

⑤ Honey for meat tenderization (probably because of its low pH)


As a bit of knowledge, the sugar maple is Canada's representative tree and is depicted on the national flag. (Canada is a maple syrup producing country)