Characteristics of soy sauce

Characteristics of soy sauce include:
①Because it has a buffering effect, it softens sour and salty tastes.
②Because it is acidic, adding soy sauce and heating it causes the chlorophyll in green and yellow vegetables to fade.
③ Eliminate the odor of fish and meat.
④ In high-temperature heating such as grilling, the Maillard reaction (amino-carbonyl reaction) between amino acids and sugar in soy sauce produces a brown brown color and a pleasant aroma on the surface.

One thing to keep in mind when using soy sauce is that it is more effective to add some of the soy sauce at the end of dishes that value flavor, especially soups.
On the other hand, in the case of dishes (simmered dishes, etc.) that are to be fully flavored, soy sauce is added from the beginning and simmered.
In addition, it is believed that when beans, potatoes, radishes, etc. are boiled in soy sauce, the acid in the soy sauce affects them and makes them hard.
From here on it's subjective.

One of the techniques of Chinese cooking is to put a drop of soy sauce on the rim of the pan just before the fried rice is ready. As a result, the fragrant aroma of soy sauce is released at once, and the appetite increases.