Method for tenderizing meat ① Proteolytic enzyme

Sweet and sour pork may contain pineapple.
This is because the protease (proteolytic enzyme) softens the meat.

Proteases are of both microbial and vegetable origin.
However, when considering homes and individual restaurants, it is necessary to use plant-derived enzymes from the viewpoint of obtaining and handling enzymes.
Common examples include papaya, figs, pineapple, kiwi fruit, and ginger juice.
Sprinkling these on before cooking is effective, but with meat chunks, hydrolysis occurs only where the squeezed juice is applied, and only the surface becomes soft.
Therefore, since it is a fork or a skewer, it is necessary to pierce it and let the squeezed juice penetrate to the center.


optimum temperature
active pH
papaya 80 3.0~10.0
80~90 4.0~7.0

(Inactivated at 60°C or higher)
Kiwi fruit
40 4.0
60 5.0
60 5.5  9.0
75 10.5
*From the table above, it can be seen that heat-treated canned pineapple has no meat tenderizing effect.