Do frozen mushrooms taste better?

It is generally believed that mushrooms taste better when frozen. (To be precise, 5´-guanylic acid increases)

Mushrooms contain a lot of water. Shiitake, maitake, and bunashimeji mushrooms are all 90% water.
Water expands when it freezes, so when mushrooms are frozen, the water inside the cells freezes and breaks the cell walls. As a result, the mushroom's autodigestion ability (degrading the components of the body with the enzymes that the organism has in its own body) progresses, and the umami is said to increase.

Experiments have shown that when the tissue of mushrooms is damaged by hitting it with the ridge of a kitchen knife and then heated with water, 5´-guanylic acid is about 1.2 times higher than that of undamaged mushrooms, and after freezing and thawing, the mushrooms are heated in the same way. It has been reported that the number of cases increases by three times.

However, by freezing
① The texture changes
② Freezer burn
It is necessary to consider that other factors such as