Do you grind rice? wash?

In recent years, the technology for polishing brown rice has improved.
As a result, the rice sold on the market is polished rice with almost no dust or foreign matter, and with very little bran adhering to it.
For this reason, it is now considered more desirable to wash the rice than to rub it together.

Harvested rice, which used to be naturally dried in the past, is now thermally dried, and the endosperm is brittle and can be crushed if sharpened with strong force.
This is because crushed rice releases starch, resulting in rice with an undesirable stickiness.

However, there are cases where sharpening is better.
(1) Rice with a long shelf life
(2) Poor quality rice
(3)Bad rice
In other words, if you want to scrape the surface of rice, it is better to grind it.

Sharpening: Add a small amount of water and stir while pressing with your hands to rub the rice grains together.
Washing: Add water to the rice, mix gently, and repeat the operation of replacing the water several times.